Pharmacy Exporting Analysis Example (Data was random generated based on some rules.)

February 4, 2016 at 5:03 AMSteven Wang

For last few of year, the overseas purchasing agents procurement service business, so-called 'Dai Gou' in Chinese,  has largely impacted the over OTC consumer market in Australia, particularly for those categories like infant formula, multivitamin and supplements and fertility related etc.

This second-hand exporting business has a tremendous impact on Pharma company's business and stocking plan, territory sales targeting and incentive distribution etc.

This is an example how we can utilize the Power BI visualization to perform the exporting analysis on at the outlet and product level and therefore find a solution to calculate the exporting portion of the business.

 Disclaimer: the data used for this example is randomly generated based on seeds and some rules and the pharmacy outlets or banner names are public available information. The purpose of the post is to show how we can utilize MS Power BI to perform analysis, therefore some data is deliberately weighted or distorted to show the trend and exporting proportion. There is no association of data displayed here with to those names in real world.

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