Embedded Power View Report Rendering Issue in Different Browsers

March 18, 2015 at 2:19 AMSteven Wang

Power View Report embedded view is indeed a very nice feature and opens up a big opportunities for ISVs and companies and individuals to share data and visualizations. Please check this blog, Embed Power View Interactive Reports in Your Blogs and Websites, for more details about how to embed a power view report.

While this is great news, I also found that there are some frustrations. The embedded view is rendered nicely in IE 9 but there are issues with IE 11 and other main browsers. 

I have put together a few mains issues I found. If you have same issue and different issue please share your experience with me. Thanks.

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Bringing ETL to the Masses - Microsoft Codename "Data Explorer"

October 25, 2011 at 3:32 PMSteven Wang

One of the new projects Microsoft announced in this year's PASS summit, Data Explorer, is very interesting and possibly will have a big impact on business user and information workers' way to perform BI analysis.

According to the project lead, Tim Mallalieu, the project was named as Montego (which sounds more like a usual codename.). While in the PASS summit, the cloud version of the project was presented, according to Tim that they do have a client version of Data Explorer, which can run as an Excel add-in, pretty much operates at the similar way as you do with Powerpivot. And from the first look of the interface, it was used the name Powerimport. (Please note the diagrams used here are from early Montego project, not the new Data Explorer interface. Wait for the November 2011, maybe there will be a new demo available.)



After I looked at the Tim's workthough on the Montego client - the mashup component of Data Explorer, I was very impressed with this project. Basically this excel add-in can integrate different data sources, from Cloud Databases, RSS feeds, websites, excel workbooks, SQL databases etc. You can do the data transformations on the data source (table). The ribbon style of the transformation tools are very easy to understand and use:

The workflow and the concept look very easy to catch for the experienced Execl users. The data sources (tables) can be easily merged, nested, transposed and pivoted:

Data manipulations, De-duplication, Grouping, Aggregations, can be performed:


Once you complete this data mashup, it can be pushed back to Excel exactly similar way as what you do for the Powerpivot.

To me, the whole Montego mashup process likes a very simplified and easy to use yet very powerful version of an SSIS data flow task. While to effectively use the SSIS needs a steep learning curve, this mashup is very easy to use and understand.

According to Tim, this mashup can be reused and automatically refreshed from the data sources. They are also working on the integration of the tool with the Powerpivot and the new announced Power View (Previously known as Crescent).

Given that the Excel is still the most popular End user BI tool, I believe the new tool will Bring ETL to the Masses!

Looking forward to the trial version.

You may take some time to watch Tim's Demo video: Early walkthrough of the Montego client

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